Member Services

Our Mandate

  • Provide outreach to prospective members including conference representation.
  • Make recommendations to the Board regarding the development and implementation of a District volunteer, recruitment, and succession planning strategy.
  • Provide recommendations to the Board about continuous improvement of retirement planning workshops.
  • Review the service and outreach of the Goodwill program and recommend initiatives to the Board.
  • Encourage Districts to have a Goodwill program.
  • Review travel providers and when necessary, recommend to the Board that an RFP (Request for Proposal) process be conducted on travel providers.
    • An interview committee is composed of the Travel Work Group plus four (4) Directors of the Board.
    • Following the selection process, the Committee makes a recommendation to the Board as to who shall be the travel provider.
  • Recommend strategies and resources to the Board related to the provision of relevant information to members regarding wills, powers of attorney and estate planning.


Committee Membership

Name District District Name

Suzanne Poudrette-Gagnon (Chair)
45 EstaRiO
Louise Guérin   Board Liaison
Georgina Eldridge 36 Peterborough
Anne Marie Farnworth 32 Prescott-Russell
Gary Fick 24 Scarborough & East York
Anne Graham 29 Lanark
Joseph Murray 8 London, Middlesex
Morris Tait 30 Northumberland